My name is Arturo Cortez and I'm a Graphic and Web Designer based out of Southern California. I've been into Art my whole life and have been designing for at least a decade now with years of experience working with various clients and businesses. My skills range from digital to print and even video and animation. I have won 5 awards and have gained recoginition for my work and am truely honored by it, though it doesn't stop me from striving to be a better designer. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree from CSU Channel Islands and I've learned from the best teachers and best instructors out there. Since then, I've been working with clients to create groundbreaking designs because I love the challenges they bring. If you enjoy my site let me know, I love hearing from people. May The Force Be With You.


1st Place // 2012 CSU Media Arts Festival / Interactive Media
1st Place // 2012 CSU Channel Islands Spring Art Show / Web Design
1st Place // 2012 CSU Channel Islands Spring Art Show / Motion Graphics
1st Place // 2011 CSU Channel Islands Spring Art Show / Animation
3rd Place // 2013 CSU Channel Islands Film & Animation Show / Documentary

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Having a plan is a very important step. Whether it's a design plan or a campaign strategy, it's very important to know what direction you want to take your brand or business. I can help create a design plan or brand strategy to help you aim your business in the right direction.


It's always good to have a strategy: it helps you know how to get over those obstacles everyone runs into when starting up your business. Doing research and knowing your demographics can really help your business hone in on it's target audience or clients.


Not sure what you want your product or business to look like yet? I can help you create conceptual designs to help you get the ball rollin'. Whether it be websites, logos, packaging etc. I can get the fire started to help you bring your ideas to life with digital or physical mockups.


My favorite part! After finding out the direction and target audience, we get to work. I strive to make my clients feel satisfied and I always put high quality work into my designs and make sure every pixel hits it's mark. I have experience with working on everything from print to digital.

Branding & Identity

More than anything a business needs an identity. Having a brand or an identity helps people remember your business or product. Design goes a long way in this and unfortunately businesses that don't have an identity don't stand out very much and are seldom remembered.

Print Design

I have vast experience in print design and can help you create an invitation for a loved ones wedding, a flyer for your next birthday party or even a poster for that film you've been working on. Print is far from being dead and is still one of the best ways to advertise.

Logo Design

One of the essential parts of having an identity is the logo and having a great logo can do wonders for you. It helps people remember you and it builds confidence in your business or product. Whether it be simple text or very intricate I can help you design the perfect one.

Package Design

Wouldn't just love for everyone to try that new product you just created? Package design will help your product stand out from the shelves. Don't settle for generic packaging that is just going to be over-looked as if it didn't exist. I can make your product look like the only one there!

Web Design & Concept

If you're looking to start a website for yourself or small business I can help you conceptualize your vision and even design it for you. Taking the first steps to starting your website are big ones and I will make sure you are 100% satisfied and ready to jump into the endless world of the internet.

Front-End Web Development

Front-end developing is the actual coding part of designing a website. This is where the action happens and I sit down and code your website for hours. It's a lot funner than it sounds, believe me. I make sure that all my clients' websites work across multiple browsers and work perfectly.

Responsive Design

With the invention of smart phones came a new standard of web design, the responsive design. Not all websites display correctly on mobile phones and having your website designed for mobile use as well as on screen makes your site one that your clients are more likely to visit again.

Search Engine Optimization

Having good SEO can really increase the traffic you want on your website. It can double or even triple your web visitors to help increase sales through your ecommerce site and increase your search ranking through Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines.

Title Sequences

Title Sequences set the tone for your film or video, so it's very important to grasp the attention of your viewers as early as possible. Keep it clean and simple for those serious melodramas or go all out grungy for those hardcore action flicks! I can help start your film off right.

Ending Sequences

The ending sequences are what leaves your audience with a certain feeling of positive or negative. I can help you create a nice ending sequence that will keep your audience in their seat and reading all the credits. That way you, your cast and crew get the attention you deserve.

Color Correction

Believe it or not everything you watch on television has gone through grades of coloring to give their video a specific feeling. That part of Hollywood magic can work wonders for your film. It helps people get the right feeling you're trying to convey in your scenes.

Visual Effects

If you're working on a non-stop action sci-fi flick, I'm your man! Visual Effects has been one of my favorite hobbies for a long time now. Laser shots, explosions, lights and gunfire can really add that BOOM! to your film to make it possibly the next Star Wars.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line anytime and tell me what you think about my work. I'd really love to hear from you. Or if you'd like to, you can send me your info and I’ll get back to you about starting on a project. My office is located in sunny Southern California so I'm always gonna be nearby.

Phone // 805 / 336 0478
Email // me@arturocortez.com
Website // www.arturocortez.com

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